34 decks of Spiritual, Divination and Tarot cards - Excellent condition


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34 decks of Spiritual, Divination and Tarot cards - Excellent condition
ConditieZo goed als nieuw


34 decks of spiritual, transformation and divination tarot cards and games. All ranging from very good to as new condition.

They all fit in a cardboard box and they are sold together.

The total value is close to 1.000 EUR when bought new. I am looking for someone who can appreciate them. List as follows:

- The Tao Oracle by Ma Deva Padma
- Chakra Balancing by Anodea Judith
- The Chakra Energy Cards by Walter Lubeck
- Geometrie en de zoektocht naar de heilige graal by Janosh
- Tools of the Arcturians, the Programme by Janosh
- Keys of the Arcturians by Janosh
- Edelsteen tarot
- Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley
- The 13 moon oracle by Ariel Spilsbury
-The teaching of Abraham well being cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks
- Caroline Myss Archetype Cards
- The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm
- Archangel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue
- Ascended Masters by Doreen Virtue
- Chinese Astrology by Derek Walters and Helen Jones
- Mana Cards the power of Hawaiian wisdom by Catherine Becker and Doya Nardin
- Soulcards by Deborah Koff-Chapin
- Soulcards 2 by Deborah Koff-Chapin
- Inner Child cards by Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner
- Angels Blessings 10th anniversary edition by Kimberly Marooney ( 2 sets)
- Angel love by Kimberly Marooney
- Gold & Silver Guardina Angels by Angela McGerr
- Angelic Abundance by Angela McGerr
- Medicine cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson
- The Power Deck, the cards of wisdom by Lynn V. Andrews
- Thoth Tarot Deck standard by Aleister Crowley
- The Enochian Tarot by Gerald and Betty Schueler, Sally Ann Glassman
- Soulfood cards
- Angel Power cards
- I Ching of the Goddess by Barbara G. Walker
- The Transformation Game - complete angel deck included
- Kirtan Kit - chanting tools to awaken the soul
- The journey to Wild Divine - the Passage